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Lloydminster Refinery

  • 2011- present, ongoing contract to provide a crew for Piping, Structural, and Tank modifications and repairs

CNRL North Primrose

  • Perform repairs on BFW (33,000 bbl) tank 

  • Replace all floor plates under the shell

  • Replace the outer edge of an externally raftered roof

  • Replace the corroded part of he shell near the floor and fill and grind other areas

  • Reinstall 10' x 10' door sheet in the shell made for access

Hazard Disposal Well

  • Replace old pumps and shacks

  • Install new piping system

CNRL Tangleflags

  • Replace the radiant shell of a 50 mmbtu/hr Steam Generator without removing the coils

  • Replace the floors on two 2000 bbl tanks while in place

  • Replace the self supporting roof of 1500 bbl cone bottom tank

CNRL Wolf Lake

wolf lake.jpg
  • Replace the roof of a Warm Lime Softner Tank with bridge in place

  • Install a 50' diameter stainless steel cone into skim tank

  • Replace the floor in one 118' diameter skim tank with internal baffles

Keyera Edmonton

  • Jack-up two 20,000 bbl tanks and move them 1 km to a temporary staging area