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Latest Projects


Since 2011 our customers have counted on us to provide them with tank modifications, tank repairs, piping fabrication, structural steel fabrication, welding, and tubing inspection throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. We provide highly experienced crews with a focus on safety  and cost effectiveness. 

Lloydminster Refinery

  • 2011- present, ongoing contract to provide a crew for Piping, Structural, and Tank modifications and repairs

CNRL North Primrose

  • Perform repairs on BFW (33,000 bbl) tank 

  • Replace all floor plates under the shell

  • Replace the outer edge of an externally raftered roof

  • Replace the corroded part of he shell near the floor and fill and grind other areas

  • Reinstall 10' x 10' door sheet in the shell made for access

Hazard Disposal Well

  • Replace old pumps and shacks

  • Install new piping system

West Hazel

Maintenance post.png
  • ​Moving Shacks and skids to reinstall at new sites.

  • Install and repair piping systems

  • Repair Tanks

CNRL Tangleflags

  • Replace the radiant shell of a 50 mmbtu/hr Steam Generator without removing the coils

  • Replace the floors on two 2000 bbl tanks while in place

  • Replace the self supporting roof of 1500 bbl cone bottom tank

CNRL Wolf Lake

wolf lake.jpg
  • Replace the roof of a Warm Lime Softner Tank with bridge in place

  • Install a 50' diameter stainless steel cone into skim tank

  • Replace the floor in one 118' diameter skim tank with internal baffles

Keyera Edmonton

  • Jack-up two 20,000 bbl tanks and move them 1 km to a temporary staging area

Cenovus Lloydminster

Spools with pipe.jpg
  • Turnaround Spool Prefabrication​

  • Manufacture & Hydrotest Stainless Piping Systems

  • Onsite Fabrication & Tie In's

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