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Tubing Inspection Alberta and Saskatchewan
testing wellhead tubing inspection unit
2 3/8 to 4.5" Tubing Scanner
MFE tubing scan is fast
tubing inspection is safe
call us for tubing or tank inspection

Our experienced MFE tubing inspectors can be counted on to give you the most accurate and up to date information about the condition of your pipe. We utilize modern equipment which can detect holes as small as 1/16" diameter on piping sized from 2 3/8" diameter up to 4.5". We can be counted on to find holes, pitting, corrosion, rod wear, tubing defects, and longitudinal splints.  When you need to reduce well costs and minimize downtime, our tubing inspection services are the answer.


Phone us to schedule an inspection.  780 214 3427.

* No Radiation required

* Inspect up to 150' per minute

* No moving parts

* Tube cleaning not required

* Quickly change diameters

* Minimize disruption to other site activities

* Differentiate between rod wear and corrosion

Wellhead Tubing Inspection

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